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Welcome to your New Guild :

The  guild is  intended for active players only. We will only accept new members soon over level 60 from now on with high  enough BP (meaning Battle points). Stay active and login daily. If you plan to take a vacation or not be online for a few days, please advise your  leader  or Any DL so you don’t get booted from the  team. Guild leader and Deputy leaders can see how active players are in the guild as well as their last login. Any player inactive for more than 4 to 10 days consecutive will be expelled from the guild depending on their level and BP and contribution points to the guild or how long they have been with  the guild. Low CP (contribution points) players will be considered as inactive after a certain period. Any player booted from the  guild is welcome back and can at any later time re-apply to the guild when ready to be active again with the team.

How can you  help :

You can  help  the Guild by being active. Each and any mission you complete help the guild accumulate Guild points. Guild War is where you can help the most  the guild everyday. The most significant way to help is also by sharing your knowledge to new member and help guildies with Raid. Be fun, be cheerful and contribute to the great spirit of the guild. Try to welcome new Members and answer questions from others if you can and give them good advices. And most of all… Have fun :)

About  Guild War :

GW (Guild War) is the fun part of the game. GW open up at level 60 and will get you lots of Gold and lots of Costumes pieces. So if you want to make 5 consecutive runs in GW, it is recommended to have 40 to 50 empty inventory spaces. GW is basically just like BZ (Desert of Chaos), except you play against members of an opponent guild. The GW map may be empty and be all yours or you may encounter adversary. Before entering GW, you can always refresh the score by pressing again on Guild War Button (which is up right the screen). When refreshing the screen, If the score hasn’t changed from the opponent side then no one is in. It’s a good time to hop in GW. Only 3 players of same guild can be on a single Map of GW. If we have 9 players in the guild doing GW at same time, then 3 different GW maps will be opened. The Guild leaders will do daily GW group runs. Jump in when they do as most often they will shield you if opponent pop into. Most GW run  will consist of 6 to 9 players at once. The Leaders taking the  first map, you are guaranteed not to have enemy on GW map #2 or #3. Enemy will pop up in map #1.


The Goal for the team is to get to 200,000 Guild point score before GW flag. So please try to contribute to GW daily. Gw Flag happens mostly every 2 days. You can see the countdown clock or time left before GW flag capture on GW screen. In Gw Flag there can be only one map and only 10 players in. So if you are part of the Top 20 players in the Guild please tell your Leader ahead  if you can be available, so the leader can decide on his top 10 players for GW Flag. Also try to be present 30 minutes online before GW Flag to confirm your participation and so we can strategize if need to be.


Usefull Web links  to check  out:


 Shadow Mage Guide
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Tip  one: If  u  would like  to  add  suggestions  or  new  tips:

Pls   send  it  to  skyend8@gmail.com

Tip 15. You should read  the Shadow Mage Guide  web  link above  in  the  section  about Tiering up  your  gears. Even if you are  not a Mage. Its  explains very well  the  tier up system and will save you tons on mistakes. And mistakes are very costly and time wasted. 

Tip 14.  I am not found of BZ ( Desert of Chaos). Its time consuming and ennemy may hit hard. But you do need your Mats (Zecharite and Mythril)  and thats where you get them.


Tip 13. Guild  War will get you  tons Class  "C" Costumes. You may sell them if you are on a budget or they will consume your profit made from GW gold wise.


Tip 12. Dont know  which  gears you need for your character? Which option to  forge? Or which option to enchant? Very simple. Go to Ranking (its next to Guild). Check out top player of your class. The gear they have is the one you want...

Tip 11. About Goblin Maps. The longer you wait  and accumulate  them  the more  they  will  pay out. Simply because  the stronger your character  gets to be, the more  the goblin maps will  pay  out. I waited  6 months and  accumulated 10,000 maps. They  payout was over 75 millions. Its worth the wait. Level 40 and 50 Goblin maps pay the  most. But you have to be able to  go all  around the map and kill  everything before times run  out or the payout is not maxed. 

Tip 10. Spending 50 carats on HT (Heaven Tower)  daily  will  make  sure you always have enough Revives.

Tip 9. In Airship its  worth  to  spend  the minimum 20 carats on the 3 feathers and also on your ulimate skill.

Tip 8. Reinforcing gear to 99% and  reinforcing artifacts are  extremely costly. Wait  for reinforcement  event, you will save up millions. Bank up your artifacts and wait up for the event to come back. 1 star Artifacts  cost  the  most  to use in reinforcement. You may sell  them depending on your budget. I prefer to  reinforce one  star  arti  to +10  then use  them

Tip 7. Artifacts  are power. Do your 2 TDM (Team Death Match) everyday so you get your 10 match. Rewards are Artifacts  and coins  to  buys more  artifacts in TDM shop. You will probably loose at low  level, but  dont bother. You  can  run  it AFK  it  doesnt  make  a difference. At  low  level,  just dont even care  about winning or dying. Just do 2  TDM a dayor  till  u  get yout 10  tdm:)

Tip 6. Keep your Friends list at 29/30. Delete 5 Friends each day. And  add 5  more  after  sending  to  all. This way  you  will  get  Max soul fragments to trade  for gems, carats and stamina.  Keep your bottom  5 to delelete  them and  always  have 15  space to  accept new  friends daily  for this  to  work

Tip 5. There is no need to reinforce your gear until you get level 60. Once you reach 60, you will get a full set Tier 1. Untilll  then, just get better  gear doing party mission dungeon. 

Tip 4. Dont  forget daily to expand your blitz slot for free with your loyalty points in the cash shop.

Tip3. Study your alchemy. Learn wich Mats you will need to tier up your gear. Think ahead.

Tip 2. For best XP, do your Airship daily then party mission dungeon. At level 60 best XP are demon dimension  and  raid stage 1 to 5

Tip 1.  Lock  your precious  items too make  sure you  do not delete them  by accident. By clicking on a gear you will see a lock symbol by top left  corner.

No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em